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Our Philosophy

We will never lose sight of the personal nature and importance Of the service we are offering. We know that our Carers are our biggest asset. We contract responsible individuals who are totally committed to their work and who reflect the quality of service we offer. Companionship, support and attention to an individual's specific needs are all part of the Carer's daily routine. We will only arrange an introduction with a client when we are satisfied with a Carer's suitability for the placement.

Meticulous Selection of our Staff

We strongly believe that at the heart of offering the highest quality of care is the quality of our carers who are hand-picked and have to meet our strict criteria. We guarantee this through rigorous selection that includes extensive checking of references, CRB and ISA (Criminal Records Bureau and Independent Safeguarding Authority) checks and an in depth interview process.



We understand what a difficult decision it is to get help from outside your immediate family and the importance of building trust in the delivery of our care services.


We ensure that our Carers are given thorough training above and beyond the minimum standards required. This includes Dementia and Alzheimers training. All our Carers are fully employed by us.